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DPFax - MiniFaxServer

Image of DPFax - MiniFaxServer


DPFax – MiniFaxServer is the right solution for SME companies to enable digital faxing. This reduce the operation cost by eliminating the paper , toner and maintenance of the fax machines. Improve document management efficiency and eliminate your worry about keeping track of your hardcopy fax documents. DPFax – MiniFaxServer can store up to 40,000 fax document in digital file format. It allows multiple user to send and receive fax on the go, via easy to use web interface. Customer can also remove multiple fax machines into a single system , which is accessible via the network. Many knows that option to enable fax module in existing printers or photocopiers are expensive and less viable. So choose DPFax – MiniFaxServer instead. Contact us at [email protected].

Powerful Fax Solution for SME | Receive and Send Fax on the Go | Reduce Operation Cost | Ditch the Paper and Toner | Go Digital | Low TCO